Coffee With: Brittany Robertson of The Beauty Revival

Q&A with Brittany Robertson

Meet lifestyle blogger, entrepreneur, and interior designer Brittany Robertson of The Beauty Revival knows a thing or two about home making. Her blog is a go-to destination for design tips, delicious recipes, as well as easy DIY projects. Brittany's design charm captivates her followers through her gorgeous, cozy home. We chatted with her about all things design, how she got her start, and shares her #1 design tip on creating your own personal style. Read on!

Casaza: Tell us a little about yourself!
Brittany Robertson: My name is Brittany, I am 36 years old and love encouraging and inspiring other people to love the homes they are in! My blog is called, where I love to share lifestyle and home inspiration. I also help  run our handmade home decor and furniture business with my husband called Revival Goods, and homeschool our two daughters. It’s a busy, entrepreneurial life and I love it.

C:Tell us about your career path. What has it looked like so far, and how did it inspire you to take it into what it is today?
BR: I am a self taught interior decorator. It all started  in 2013 when I started sharing photos of our new home that we had recently bought on Instagram. Even though at this time I really had never done anything interior design related, I was having a lot of fun decorating our new home, trying out different ideas and sharing them on instagram. 

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Our instagram channel took off and I have been sharing on that space and my blog for the last 8 years. (My blog was originally called and changed to two years ago). Through sharing on social media and my blog I also started doing local design work, however I quickly realized that my favorite way to share my home decor ideas was online where I could inspire and encourage other people to love their homes and get creative!

C: How would you describe your personal style in a few words?
BR: I love a mix of different design styles from modern farmhouse to boho cottage and have fun incorporating all these styles in our homes to create a cohesive look.

C: What’s been inspiring you lately?
BR: Older European cottages have been really inspiring me lately. The home we currently live in has a very cottage feel to it so I have been really drawn to all those quaint and quirky British cottages with lots of charm.

C: What home project are you most proud of and why? 
BR: I am most proud of our painted laminate countertops! I frequently get questions on Instagram about what our countertops are made of. Everyone thinks they are some kind of crazy quartz or marble because they are grey with white veining but they are actually hand painted! When we bought this home we did not intend to live here for long, and so we didn’t want to sink a lot of money into ripping out the countertops and replacing them with something like quartz or marble. I decided to try painting them and after three attempts!! I finally figured out how to paint our countertops using a feather to create a marble effect that lasted. They are over two years old now and look as good as new. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a home that is your style, you just need to be willing to roll up your sleeves and get creative. 

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C: Best piece of advice you’ve ever received about designing?
BR: Paint colors matter! Take the time to sample paint in a room before painting it because a shade that is a little off can throw your entire room.

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C: In your opinion, what distinguishes great design vs. good design?
BR: Being unique. Sometimes because of social media, Pinterest and blogs etc. it can be easy with all this great inspiration to just do what everyone else is doing but the best design is always unique and an expression of someones special creativity!

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C: My dream collaboration would be: anything with Magnolia!  

C: The design rule I live by is: Mixing design styles. 

C: You’ll never find me without: textured throw pillows!

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C: In 5 years, you can find me: Growing my business with my husband and hopefully hiring my daughters to work with us too!

C: One design trend I’m excited about this spring/summer: cafe curtains!

C: Last but not least, how do you like your coffee?
BR: Sweet! Haha I like those terrible for you coffee creamers, I have tried to quit over the years but it keeps calling me back. I am addicted. 

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