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If there's one thing about Florida-based interior designer McCall Dulkys, it's that she does it all. From motherhood to designing, McCall manages to balance her home and work life gracefully. After purchasing her own property & spending some time in Europe while taking in much of its design & architecture, McCall started her design firm and the rest was history. We chatted with her about her design beginnings, the types of clients who inspire her, and the one celebrity whose LA loft she'd love to design. Read on to learn more!

Casaza: Tell us a little about yourself!
McCall Dulkys: Sure! I got into the design field somewhat on accident. After posting photos online of my own investment property I designed, I started to get inquiries from family and friends to help with their homes. That turned into them referring me to their friends and so on. I spent ten years living overseas in Europe where my husband was a professional basketball player so during that time, I helped clients design their homes virtually. Now that I’m back in the USA I provide full-service interior design services in South Florida.

When I’m not designing homes, I’m being an under-appreciated, underpaid assistant to my three young kids (I have twin two-year-old boys plus a not much older toddler…help). The pre-mom me loved cooking, watching sports and traveling the current-mom me just tries to stay awake in my free time.
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C: Tell us about your career path. What has it looked like so far, and how did it inspire you to take it into what it is today?
MD: I definitely don’t have the typical career path of an interior designer. I went to school for Political Science and Economics, so although I’ve always had an eye for design, it wasn’t on my radar until a few years after college. My brother moved around a lot and I would help him design his new homes and eventually became the "go to" for design help in my social circle. I began with virtual design because it allowed me to still work and gain experience while living thousands of miles away from home. Living around Europe, in various countries, for ten years really gave me an appreciation for architecture and design and it’s immensely impacted my design style today.

Now that I’m more settled down, switching more to full-service design model was a natural progression. My clients want someone they can trust to just get it done for them.

C: How would you describe your personal style in a few words?
MD: Modern coastal with a twist. In Florida, most of my clients want the coastal elements to give them that true Florida feel but I love adding in some funky, unique pieces to keep it interesting. Nothing I design will ever feel “cookie cutter” or predictable.

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C: What’s been inspiring you lately? 
MD: I really try to stay off Pinterest because I want my brain to create for itself. I pull inspiration from everywhere. My husband laughed at me because I took a picture of a fish at the aquarium the other day because I loved it’s pattern. It’s hard to turn off a creative brain.

C: What home project are you most proud of and why? 
MD: Not so much a home project but I occasionally take on commercial projects and was able to design a luxury bridal studio in Jacksonville, Florida. I’m so inspired by female entrepreneurs and it was a dream to be able to help the owner create such a breathtaking space that was a longtime goal of hers. 

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C: Pack your bags! You're moving into a famous home. Whose is it? 
MD: I just saw the Architectural Digest feature on Miley Cyrus and it’s a winner. Sign me up.

C: My dream collaboration would be: Tupac rising from the dead and asking me to design his LA loft. A girl can dream.

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C: The design rule I live by is: The home has to reflect the person who lives there. In a world full of Pinterest and instagram, it’s easy for clients to just want you to recreate things you’ve seen online. I want each project to reflect my client and what’s special about them. I want their friends to be able to walk in and see their personality shining through all over their home.

C: You’ll never find me without: A child or a laptop attached to my lap.

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C: One design trend I’m excited about this summer: All the texture- rattan, cane, linen, fluted woods. All of it.

C: In 5 years, you can find me: Releasing my memoir about my time in Europe, published in Architectural Digest an hopefully fresh off a full night of sleep. **manifesting**

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C: In your opinion, what distinguishes great design vs. good design?
MD: Personal touches. I don’t want to walk into what looks like a model home and have no idea who lives there.

C: Best piece of advice you’ve ever received about designing?
MD: Designers are like therapists. You have to absolutely get to know your client and what their needs are, meaning the ones they articulate and the ones they may not even know about. The better you know and understand your client, the better you can design the perfect space for them.

C: Last but not least, how do you like your coffee?
MD: Strong, black and delivered to me by the hands of my gorgeous husband.


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