Coffee With: Sarah Ames of The Sames Style

Every now and then we come across home and lifestyle enthusiasts who bring a charming take to their space. If you're thinking about updating your home or love a good DIY project, then you'll want to follow Canadian lifestyle and DIY blogger Sarah Ames of The Sames Style. Sarah shares her creative brain in styling and designing her home with helpful tips on making your space well... yours. We briefly chatted with Sarah on how her love of design came to be, why it's important to find inspiration on items you love, and her one solid advice on using color (find out below). Read on!

Casaza: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Sarah Ames: I'm a mom of two little boys and have been married to my husband Ari for 7 years. I'm a hairstylist by trade but life as a home blogger has quickly become my passion.

C: Tell us about your career path.

SA: I started The Sames Style blog in 2021. It's a place for me to share design ideas that bring me joy in hopes to inspire others to create a home they love.

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C: What's your earliest memory of wanting to pursue this kind of work?

SA: I used to LOVE rearranging my bedroom growing up. I can remember feeling so happy creating a brand new space. I would be excited to wake up in the morning and see it all over again.

C: How would you describe your personal style?

SA: My personal style is a blend of modern bohemian and industrial. I love combining natural materials with exposed brick and concrete. I'm drawn towards a lived-in and comfy space that is functional but doesn't sacrifice style. I'm a 'switch-into-sweatpants-the-second-I-get-home' kinda girl. My home needs to feel the same, relaxing and cozy.

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C: What's been inspiring you lately?

SA: I'm loving the addition of black accents. It compliments all my favourite raw materials perfectly!

C: My dream collaboration would be: 

SA: I would love to collaborate with Jillian Harris. She's a fellow Canadian girl and her brand's core values and design style are something I really admire.

C: What home project are you most proud of?

SA: I'm most proud of our kitchen remodel. Our kitchen was in rough shape when we moved in. It was a big project to bring to life and the functionality it has brought into our lives was a game changer.

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C: Pack your bags. You’re moving into a famous house. Whose is it?

SA: I think Mandy Moore's home is amazing! I'm in love with the green velvet wall they have in their bedroom that acts as a headboard. Every corner of her home is so unique!

C: The design rule I live by: 

SA: Wait to be inspired by an item that you can't live without. It's easy to rush and choose things that you simply like. But I find those choices don’t always bring you joy in the long run. When you wait to find something that makes you fall in love, it will change the entire vibe of a room in the best way possible.

C: Best piece of design advice I've ever received?

SA: Take your time and live in your space before you make major changes. You'll be amazed at how understanding the functionality of a space can impact your design choices.

 C: In five years you can find me:

SA: Designing our forever home!       

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C: Is there any other industry you'd like to dabble in? 

SA: I would love to do TV!           

C: In your opinion what distinguishes good design vs great design?

SA: I feel like good design is appreciated by some. It may be attractive but it won't be for everyone. Whereas great design will captivate any audience, it will inspire you to rethink what your design style might be.

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C: Any design trends you're particularly excited about:

SA: I love how the use of colour is becoming more popular in spaces that were usually left quite neutral. My favourite is a navy blue or green cabinet colour in a kitchen island.

C: How do you take your coffee?

SA: One sugar with steamed milk.

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