Zack Giffin

Zack Giffin is a designer, TV host, athlete, and long time advocate for the tiny house movement. Zack is one of the most recognized tiny home builders in the world and has designed and built hundreds of unique small homes and custom projects over the years. 



Coffee With: Zack Giffin

Zack Giffin is a professional skier and contractor who is co-host of Tiny House Nation. We spoke with him about function-first, tight budgets, and Operation Tiny Home.

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Make The Most Out Of Small Spaces

Tiny home master builder Zack Giffin gives space-maximizing tips for those considering a tiny home or looking for storage optimization in a large home.

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Utilitarian Craftsman

Whether squeezing into a small space or enjoying in a luxe penthouse, Zack Giffin's Utilitarian Craftsman design is sure to stun friends and family with its sleek look and functional selects.

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