Alberthe's Reveal

Design by Albie

To give the space more personality, Buabeng added white wood ceiling planks and replaced the wall-to- wall carpet with a colorful area rug. The terra-cotta ottomans, yellow accent chair, and blue pillows echo the palette of the rug and tie the room together.

“Color and pattern are key in creating this casual atmosphere,” she says.

To contrast a lot of color and pattern, add furniture in natural materials, like this recycled-wood Cyrano Coffee Table. The coffee table is both workhorse and design “moment,” thanks to a mix of decorative objects, like these Crystal Blue Bottles. This abstract Lavendula Rug is an easy way to add personality to your space. Balance the bold with a neutral sofa.

To separate the living space from the rest of the room, Buabeng added a bookshelf to store books and games, and the back area has seating for casual dining or a round of cards.

Renderings by Michael Panov

This 1 Room, 3 Looks design originally appeared in the Summer 2020 issue of Reveal MagazineSubscribe now for design inspiration delivered straight to your mailbox.