Boho Redefined: A little hippie-dippie and a lot fun

Kortney Says...

The inspiration for this room came from a house that my husband, Dave and I flipped in the third season of our show Masters of Flip on HGTV. I enjoyed how I was able to pull in bold colors with strong lines in the furniture and art and infuse a bohemian vibe by layering pillows and different textures. The room felt warm and lived in but still maintained modern features.

This room is perfect for the person who is energized by color. Unlike a very neutral white-on-white-on-gray living room, if you get bored with your yellow sofa and can’t resist the amazing polka dotted chairs you saw at the flea market, you can layer in new pieces. In some cases, once the space is grounded with a rug and some texture on the walls, the pieces are interchangeable and pretty much anything goes when it comes to color. It’s certainly NOT for the person suffers from anxiety if the pillows on the couch aren’t perfectly aligned and symmetrical, so know your limits people! :) The creative types are usually the first to entertain boho, but I consider myself the creative TYPE-A type, and it’s still one of my favorite styles. Just because this look can feel a little unmanaged, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been carefully thought out and everything has a place.

What makes the boho look popular is its eclectic nature... A look that doesn’t really have anything that actually defines it. It’s an opportunity to mix and match patterns, colors, and textures that you are drawn to. It’s like you’ve traveled the world and collected so many things that don’t match, that they do! The look also allows you to throw in some of your favorite pieces and finds that might not fit within one specific style bracket. The bohemian look can appear somewhat effortless but it’s actually somewhat hard to accomplish when you're doing it from scratch. A true Boho can feel a little hippie-dippie so we have reimagined the boho look to fit the style of someone who loves that idea of texture and color, but also wants it to feel less chaotic and messy, and little more “put together.”

The Beguile Sofa… How can this not be my favorite piece? The color is amazing and will always make a statement, especially when teamed up with the sleek mid-century shape. It is sure to be a showstopper for any look and works so well in this space to tie in the rug, accents, and art. If anything goes with the boho look, it seems like a wasted opportunity to not immediately select a big and bright focal point. Plus, a yellow sofa is sure to make your inner bohemian spirit soar.

The Minu Distressed Floral Lattice area rug grabbed my attention right away. Not only does this piece give the allusion of an antique overdyed rug, but it also allowed me the opportunity to incorporate a pattern. Boho is about mixing, not matching so the more patterns, the better however, grounding the space both visually and physically is also important. An intricate area rug is almost a staple for the Boho look and this one checked all of the boxes.

Tapestries have had their place in time and as other styles start to phase them out, they will always work in the bohemian styled room. These woven Solari pieces add warmth to a room. They add a “worldly” element to round out the Bohemian look.

Having a basket-like lamp shape or overhead lighting like the Paradise ceiling lamp is a must-have to keep the room relaxed. The texture complements some of the more modern elements, whether it be leather chairs or a velvet sofa. Lucky for you, it’s also pretty trendy right now!

This room should feel somewhat sophisticated, yet fun; worldly, yet comfortable. It’s meant to inspire and entertain the guests, and to reflect the personality of the person who lives in it. Each piece telling a little piece of their story.