Boho Vibes

Casaza Design Team Says...

This room is from someone who necessarily doesn’t like to follow the rules and is a free spirit. Your life is surrounded by layers of textiles/ colors and you want this expressed in your bedroom. Your creative and you want your headquarters to be a work of art.

Plants inspired this room, creating a relaxed vibe while adding dimension to a room.

The earth tones make this room work, adding a level of comfort and peacefulness. The flowy atmosphere makes this the perfect room to kick back and relax is bohemian comfort.

Our favorite aspect of Boho design is that is a mix and match of all design styles. You get to pick what you like form each design period and create a layered masterpiece. The Linea King Bed is in Scandinavian style, the rich walnut balances the whole space. The Atzi Distressed Southwestern Diamond Floral Rug Multicolored adds to the color palette, incorporating rich colors is key to a Boho room. The Canis Pendant Light completes to the room, as the light adds a flowy vibe to the space.

This room is your safe haven where you leave all your worries behind you.