California Dream

Raquel Says...

The West Coast was my inspiration for this room. My aim is to blend colors and elements of the designs together to create a cozy space.

The color scheme in this room is warm neutrals with an accent of blue. These colors can be found on the beaches of Laguna Beach, California. I incorporated earth tones to make the space have a peaceful vibe.

The Nouvelle Wall 3 is positioned above the fireplace to add a decorative pattern to the space. This reminded me of the historic Spanish colonial look found in homes on the west coast. Right next to the wall art is the Corbin Medium Brown Double Bookcase. This piece balances the room and allows one area to flow to the next.

A hint of blue was incorporated by the Warrington throw pillow. The turquoise color ties the whole space together and adds vibrancy.

This space for any who want to kick back and relax. Imagine the windows open, letting in a summer breeze that flows through the room. The serenity of the outdoors is instantly transported into your living space.