Casual, Communal Porch

Johnny Says...

Growing up in Cairo where the weather is often hot during the day and perfect during the night, people tend to be night owls. As a kid, I observed the busy and hectic streets transform into delightful spaces at nights; balconies, front porches, and rooftops get filled up with friends and families for late night chats and laughs.

Sadly, we live in a fast-paced culture that tends to value individualism above connections, and our "family rooms" that were originally intended for family and guests to gather have turned into "entertainment rooms," where the T.V. became the centerpiece.

Those changes did not take away the deep longing that we all have for connections with others.

This porch is designed to make it irresistible for someone passing through not to feel the invitation to consider relaxing on the porch. It's an invitation to forget your burdens and wind down for a bit. The Parlay swing lounge chair is the perfect space to get nestled and carried away with a good book. The Golden Beach arm chairs along with the Saratoga Patio love seat are a great combo for guests to join on a nice day.

I added Albany Daybed because who wouldn't want to take a nap outside on a nice day? It's the best that camping can bring in the comfort of home! I added the triangle accordion indigo rug paired with the Raiz garden seat to make the room pop. The Palos chandelier makes a bold statement that slowing down and enjoying the outdoors isn't something of the past, but it is an essential part of a healthy life in the modern day.

The porch serves the homeowner in two unique ways; it's a constant reminder of the need to slow down and enjoy nature, but it's also designed to be the most memorable part of a home so that guests will be drawn to come back for more memories.