Christina's Reveal

Design by Christina

Strong lines, dramatic contrast, and sumptuous textures bring this room the energy it was lacking. Henck’s redesign uses metallics as a motif, from the modern chandelier to the side lamps.

“When you put bold, warm tones against cool ones, beautiful tension begins to develop,” says the designer. “It can be tricky to pair colors that are next to one another on the color wheel, but here the warm gold tones force the soft blue-grays to read like an understated jewel tone.”

A row of dentil molding transitions between the ceiling and the now gray-blue walls. Mirrors duplicate the light coming in from the windows, chandelier, and side lamps, chasing off the room’s darkness. For a counterpoint to the rich neutrals, Henck chose stark white sheets and geometric white lamps flanking the bed.

The sculptural Renwil Adanya Lamp ($328) combines marble and gold details for ultramodern lighting. The watercolor ombré effect on this Renwil Finch pillow ($55) adds a textural element to any bedding setup. Oliver Gal’s ‘Golden Hike’ (starting at $174) metallic abstract framed art can go solo as a statement piece or be mixed into a gallery wall.

Written by Hannah Baker | Illustrations by Nigel Buchanan

This 1 Room, 3 Looks design originally appeared in the Winter 2020 issue of Reveal. Subscribe now for design inspiration delivered straight to your mailbox.