Classy & Timeless Sleeping Quarters

Casaza Design Team Says...

This room is for anyone who wants a relaxing bedroom after a long day. The oversized accent chairs are perfect for snuggling up to your favorite book and enjoying some you time.

The history of furniture is our inspiration for this design. Our aim is to show the lasting impact of early design pieces and how relevant they still are. The pieces are structurally the same, but aesthetically they have evolved to keep up with current trends. In this room we used two classic pieces that not only pair perfectly with the decor, but gives the room a cozy feeling.

We arranged the furniture in a symmetrical format that follows the victorian style. Balancing the room is an easy way to achieve a classy and timeless design.

The Facet Velvet Bench – Ivory is one of our favorite pieces of furniture because the x-frame was used in ancient Roman and is still current in today’s furniture trends. The stools have a dual purpose as seating, due to the cushion top, and as a table. The rich walnut finished x-bases add a warm feel to the space, and accents the wood legs on the Revel Upholstered Fabric Armchair. This armchair transcends trends and time. The wood spindle frame and oversized seat continue the cozy and relaxing trend in the room. In addition, the Pyramid Small Vase ties together the metal finishes in the space. One of our favorite pieces.

We want guests to feel calm and serene! The neutral color palette with accent colors of cool blues adds to your comfort. Overall, this room will recharge you so you're ready for tomorrow's adventures.