Contemporary Glam Den

Dominique Says...

This room is for the fashion-forward girl who stays up on the latest Vogue issue and loves to socialize and entertain.

The inspiration is statement eye candy. We want the client to feel like she's walking into an interior fashion party showcasing beautiful statement pieces that are functional but still beautiful.

It's very important to this client that their space makes a statement, so she embraces the idea of large-scale furniture and accessories that make a statement. When sourcing for this space, I took into consideration pieces that make the space pop and her guests say, "Wow!"

The statement pendant light features a gold metallic finish with oversize bulbs; this is the statement earring to the rooms outfit, if we're thinking in terms of fashion! The sofa is a pop of blue which is a statement hue; the piece is fashionable but still very comfortable. The artwork relates to fashion and interiors so this was a must in the room.

My client's ready for her selfie in her new beautiful room where she can still relax and chill!