Defined Dining Room

Jessica Says...

In this space, I combined and balanced natural tones and textures with bold geometrics and patterns to create a bright and fresh design. The interesting mix of warm and cool tones makes for a welcoming space that remains refined enough for all types of gatherings.

I was inspired by natural elements and tones combined with man-made elements and pops of color. Opposites attract :)

I almost always start a dining room design with the dining table. The Oasis dining table is the perfect combination of man-made and natural materials and helps set the tone for the rest of the room. I adore the wood base combined with glass top. For this room, I did not want the visual weight that another top material might carry. The glass helps lend itself to the light and open feel of the room.

The Amberley credenza introduced some much-needed storage and provided additional serving space. The geometric front detail along with warm gray wood stain spoke to the dining table design elements and created a lasting relationship between the two primary furniture pieces.

The Hexa wall art brought the room design together more than any other element in my opinion. The geometry of the piece combined with the natural and man-made materials help to justify the relationships between the other pieces in the room and make for a harmonious space.

I was inspired by young couples who wish to create a dining space that feels hip and fresh, while exuding a formal and tailored look for dinner parties and holidays. This room brings together the best of both worlds.

I want people to feel welcomed into the space; once settled, I wish for them to feel inspired.