Down-to-Earth Mid-Century Dining

Christina Says…

Visual balance is something I strive for in all my interior design work.  In order to create balance, there must be two or more contrasting elements.  In this case, warm wood tones in furniture pieces and graphic art pieces contrast cool blue and green accents.  The flowing quality to the dining room rug and wall art harmonizes to create a second layer for the casual dining space.  Curved back green chairs offset the geometric lines of other pieces in the room to give a variety of shapes that also creates interest that’ll make any guest want to stay for dessert!

Interior environments are meant to inspire, bring joy, and provide a space for families to come together. This mid-century inspired space can live almost anywhere. I particularly like this space for a vacation home. The dining room’s view could overlook crashing waves of an East Coast shoreline or be found in a cabin on Lake Tahoe. The color palette tells the story of the great outdoors and would make any vacation a memorable one.

I love to mix metal finishes in the spaces I design. The two white leather head chairs bring classic chrome to the forefront, which contrasts with lots of wood tones throughout. Using pieces like this is great when the goal is to keep a fresh and modern aesthetic.

The wood bar cart can be used in adjacent living room when entertaining and is a great modular piece that can be used and styled in a multitude of ways seasonally. Blue art on the dining room wall and the overhead glass chandelier make the space a bit more dynamic by adding a cool, watery quality to the otherwise rustic, masculine look.

Who is this the perfect room for? This is a perfect room for everyday living. I imagine a family of five using it for a restorative getaway. The space lends itself to a casual place to enjoy a meal and gather round no matter what the occasion. It’s not a fussy design. Rather, it’s approachable and has an understated fresh take on classic modern pieces that feels very current and appeals to many!