Equestrian Chic Living Room

Sarah Says...

This space is perfect for anyone who appreciates a sophisticated, timeless design that is both luxurious and approachable. Whether you want to entertain a group of your friends from the stable or kick back on the sofa to watch the game with the family, this space will work for you. Always classic and sophisticated, an equestrian-style living room will stand the test of design time.

Pattern, texture, and contrast keep this mainly light and neutral space interesting. Subtle accents of blue and a combination of metals give the design depth. Soft textiles, bold art, and unique furnishings make this space feel luxurious, while the cozy fabric sofa and chairs and rustic accessories offer a casual vibe that takes the formality of the space down a notch.

The large equestrian art piece was the inspiration behind this room. I've always been drawn to equestrian art, so when I came upon this amazing, large scale piece, I felt it deserved to be front and center in a beautiful, classic, sophisticated, living space.

The large scale, graphic pattern featured on this area rug is eye catching and bold, while the muted color palette keeps it feeling soft and soothing. This piece set the tone for the colors used in this design and provided a gorgeous backdrop to the other design elements.

The Estate Antique Gray Credenza was absolutely perfect for my equestrian chic space for so many reasons. It had a vintage, heirloom look that offered the nostalgic feel that I was looking to portray in this design. The dark finish provided contrast to the light design elements in the space, making this piece a stunning focal point.

A trio of the Drima Wall Baskets provided interest and texture. They introduced a fantastic metallic element to the design. They offered a collected look that will be a great conversation starter for guests. The simplicity of these hangings made them a wonderful wall decor selection that didn't compete for attention with the large Equestrian Art that I placed over the sofa.

This collection of five large scale metal planters was the perfect finishing touch to this room. Filled with lively greenery, like gigantic ferns, they helped to make this design come alive. The antiqued finish of the corrugated steel provided a rustic vibe that kept this luxurious space feeling down to earth and approachable.

This living room depicts a warm feeling of nostalgia. I hope visitors will feel comfortable and at ease while in this space, leading them to stay a while.