Happy Ladies Lounge

Joy Says...

Whether in a small space (and this becomes an apartment living room) or it's another seating area in a larger room, it's meant to be a place for catching up with friends for a small dinner party or chilling with your BFFs with a great rom-com and snacks.

I love pops of color, texture, and gold. It should feel fun, light, and happy.

The rug is textured, yet light and neutral, so it's versatile and lets the other colors in the room really shine. The sofa is THE statement piece in this beautiful slate blue velvet. It's luxurious, yet fun! The pendant lamp brings in a great shape and my favorite neutral (gold)!

I imagine ladies who just want to have fun in this space that feels cozy, yet beautiful. They'll be happy, carefree, and excited to entertain friends!