Elegantly Inviting Dining Room

Jonathan Says...

Dining rooms are a space meant to gather family and friends. The best dinners are over big tables with even bigger laughs. I love big chunky tables where, if you needed to, you could clear the plates and have a fierce game night, or even jump up on top of the table and show your best tap routine. The table is so important as it is the centerpiece of all the furniture in the space, but it needs to play well with all the other pieces. I love poster chairs as they are elegant, comfortable, and perfect for extended sessions of sitting. The beautiful pattern on the Antigua brings an element of interest and really adds sense of sophistication while helping frame the room.

…Keep it classy and anything but boring.

The pops of blues and grays keep it classy and anything but boring. This is a dining room that is SO inviting, you’ll want to show it off to your friends.

I feel this is perfect for a young couple or family who wants a comfortable, cozy space with a touch of class. Just remember to invite me over for those epic game nights.