Less Is More Modern Living

Raquel Says...

This room makes you focus less on material possessions and more on your happiness. The minimalist lifestyle is freeing and is centered more on freedom and health.

The simplistic design makes the space work. The room resonates elegance through unadorned decor and open space. I wanted a space that was mindful of happiness and health. Due to the lack of material possessions in the space, there is more time and energy for other joys in life.

The bedroom has a simple design with clean lines to create a modern atmosphere. The Phiale mirror with a bronze frame behind the nightstands adds an effect that the ceiling is higher than reality.

The Knox Side Table with High Shine Mirrored Shelf keeps the atmosphere light because of the sleek design. The Biscuit and Chestnut throw pillows add a warm color pallet to keep the space cozy. This is needed due to the metal finishes in the room.

This space is for someone who wants a reducing lifestyle. Less is more in this space! There is no time or space for junk drawers in this room, making it a stress free environment.