Make a Fashionable Entrance

Ebony Says...

I love fashion, art, statement lighting, and bold colors. Think of this entry as your very own stage or runway. When people walk in --lights, camera, action.

This entryway is perfect for someone who is fashionably over the top. They are bold, stylish, and love to be the center of attention. This entryway makes a statement when you enter, and that person does too.

The artwork is bold and colorful on the white walls. I wanted to play with the juxtaposition of artwork; instead of positioning the pieces the same way, I added a twist and flipped one upside down, adding visual interest and dimension to the wall.

When you come home, you may want to place your keys somewhere, take off your shoes, without the clutter. The credenza is a great piece for organization and storage, and it’s literally right at the door when you come home from a long day at work. It gives the space a subtle touch of glamour, contrasting the fashion-forward artwork. The shape and reflective design scream femininity.

Statement lighting taps into my inner celebrity and elevates the entryway. The lighting draws the eye upward, sets off the space, and evokes conversation!

First impressions are lasting impressions, therefore I want someone to feel welcomed and honored to be in this space. This is the first space they will see when entering a home, it should set the tone for the rest of the house.