Minimal Modern Eclectic Living Room

Casaza Design Studio Says...

This is the perfect room for a sophisticated minimalist. An art collector who wants to showcase individual pieces in a living room that actually welcomes people to “live” in it.

The neutral palette, the juxtaposition of elements, textures, and colors from nature provide ground for the different pieces to relate to each other. By combining Contemporary and Mid-century pieces, we created a room that feels both classic and fresh. Holding to a less-is-more aesthetic gives focus to the beauty of each piece, and highlights the bolder elements: animal sculptures, the lighting fixtures, and the artwork. There is a literal and figurative experience of spaciousness — room to breathe.

For this room, we took inspiration from the clean look and sophisticated feel of a Modern flat in Paris.

The Bloor Sectional has clean lines, a low profile, and extra comfort. The Addison Mirrored Accent Table has natural movement of the wood, while the high lacquer brings elegance to the seating area. The Figuras Canvas has pops of modern color. Both the Lippa Coffee Table and the View Steel Ceiling Fixture bring mid-century elements to the room. The white Lippa table sets off the gorgeous gold pattern in the rug.

We have a strong aesthetic — a mission — around living rooms. WE want them to be warm and comfortable, no matter what level of glam we are creating. We are drawn to the combination of natural elements and chic metallics as each one plays off the other to create that sense of beauty and wow, while also being inviting and useable.