Modern Comfort Dining Room

Drew Says...

This room is inspired by people who are willing to go with a more streamlined look but can’t find the balance between modern and comfort. Who says modern design can’t be warm and inviting?

The mix of modern, sleek lines with soft textiles and finishes make this dining room super inviting and tone down this ultra modern look.

I chose these specific products because they combine different elements and textures that marry well together in the space. The clean lines of the stainless console table contrast nicely with the metal base dining table, while the more organic lines of the live edge table top soften the space. The Smith + Noble drapery instantly softens the perimeter of the room and make this space welcoming and inviting.

This room is perfect for anyone looking for a more modern and sleek design, while still seeking comfort and a space that you can truly live in.

The goal is for people to come into this space and not feel like it’s a modern museum with it’s clean lines. Dining spaces are meant for gathering and enjoying meals with loved ones and I think the combination of finishes and textiles achieves just that!