Modern Ranch Living

Casaza Design Team Says...

This living room is the perfect balance between rustic and modern design. This style is warm and charming with a modern twist.

We often get asked how to create this look. There are different ways to approach the style. The shape of the furniture has to be modern and mid-century and made of wood or metal. If upholster with distressed leather or linen, it can add a rustic look.

Modern rustic style has been growing in popularity in the last couple of years. The style has rustic charm and warmth with modern amenities. We love this combination.

The various types of material and finishes in this space makes the atmosphere work. Adding two types of accent chairs adds a level of interest in the space. The Danya Chair-Warm Taupe Dakota and the Maxx Swivel Chair-Destroyed Black creates an asymmetry in the room than is not only aesthetically pleasing but adds contrast. We used the Attune Large Pine Wood and Iron Coffee Table – Brown to add a metal and wood element to the room.

We gravitate towards spaces designed with comfort in mind. Family gatherings, movie nights, and relaxing are home values we incorporate in our designs. The room design emits a calmness perfect for winding down after a day of hard work.