Naturally Gorgeous Style-Fused Dining

Casaza Design Team Says...

We're not one to follow standard trends, so our dining room interior falls out from the list of customary ones. It combines features of several styles with the goal to be an exclusive space comfortable for a living.

We were inspired by the pouring rain while sitting on the river bank. Straight lines of the drops falling down from the sky were reflected in the striped wallpapers which accentuate the dining zone. Military green color of the bushes and trees have been chosen for the rest of the walls, while a dark blue color and transparency are associated with deep waters of the river. Natural colors in combination with modern furniture and decor resulted in a vibrant and live interior.

The first two pieces we loved were two artistic masterpieces; the Arquiste were the basis of the interior. These staring horizontal lines can be also spotted in the long wooden table with a shelf for feet and an open shelf in the corner. The color palette of these pictures has also influenced the selection of chairs... We could not pass by blue velvet chairs with black legs and transparent plastic chairs which reflect all the other shades used in the interior.

This room was meant for a family of young people who keep up with modern trends and are not afraid of experiments. There is enough space for a noisy company as well as calm romantic dinners for two or more people.

We're sure that every person who once might have dinner in this room would undoubtedly feel excited, amazed, and joyful since it is a real pleasure to be surrounded by quality things which make up a perfect modern interior.