Rockstar Retreat

Tyler Says...

I enjoy dark, sexy spaces that tell a story, evoke an emotion, and look chic but are approachable. This space accomplished that!

What makes this Rockstar Retreat work is the fact that it is eclectic and looks like it was developed over time. Pieces in a room don’t need to match. Successful interiors are much like a great library where books are gathered over a period of time, curated to the owner’s individual needs and taste.

I'm not a fan of anything really matching so the two sofas are a perfect example of how the yin yang concept works - different but complement each other.

Lighting in a room is always key. These oversized chandeliers were the perfect accompaniment to pull together the vibe of the space. They are substantial and beautiful, still keeping with the architecture of the room, but not overwhelming.

This is a space for anyone! I could imagine a family have a night of board games. I could imagine a romantic evening with a young couple. I could imagine the hottest musician getting in the zone and writing the next big hit. This is definitely a space for everyone… And I want you to feel like a rockstar when you're here! You'll feel like a VIP in your own home, but completely comfortable and unpretentious.