Serene Sanctuary: A Stress-Free Ravine to Unwind

Louis Says...

I have a very specific note that I’m always trying to find. It’s a mix of timeliness, light and airy but also calm, cozy and serene. It’s a kind of gentle and warm feeling that cradles you when you need it to.

What makes this room work is the balance between the deeper richer colors and the lighter tones. This is achieved by balancing texture, color, and shape. What’s important is in the lighter pieces of furniture I chose, there is still interest in some form.

The arm chair is in a creamy leather (which I love) so it doesn’t read as too stark or white. The footstools add a bit of the natural and organic texture but aren’t so large that it’s taking the room over. With the lighting, I’m adding a bit of luxe and sophistication with the textures (lamps) and elegant nature of the chandelier, but chose items that would purposely pull the room in the lighter direction. Color is used sparsely and when utilized, it’s always subtle and has a fluid feel. An ombre in some and a wash in others. Lastly, the deep rich rug is what grounds the room and pulls it all together. I love this room and would happily call this my living room.

My inspiration was actually from Jennifer Aniston's previous LA home. It’s funny because when I look at the two side by side, they are quite different. But what I was trying to capture was a feeling. A richer and warmer take on the space she’s created. I also personally like cleaner lines so I don’t naturally gravitate towards the art deco and ornate types of lines.

I designed this room for me specifically! So I would say, this room is perfect for someone who really likes to retreat into their home. Someone who probably has a demanding and busy life where there are lots of things to juggle. This is a room where you can put your mind at ease – it is a safe space because all the elements of this room are just so serene and calming. It’s also a room for someone who enjoys nice, long and lazy weekends.

It is built for relaxation but still holds a certain level of polish and sophistication. In addition, it’s great for a family with teenagers. The materials are easy to clean (leather) and I’ve chosen darker fabric with a bit of a weave for durability. In addition, the carpet is easy to keep clean and hides stains well with the rich colors and texture.

I just want it to be a complete sanctuary that is peaceful, warm and calm. I want it to almost be impossible to bring stress in this space because the room itself is so calming and serene. I’ve kept things relatively low, mixed a lot of tone on tone and kept a very organic textural sensibility.