Serene Workspace

Betsy Says...

This room works not just as an office, but as a getaway with its serene and peaceful placement of furniture and lighting. It boasts comfort and an ability to work in a well-lit, well-appointed room.

Many offices have dark furniture with a warm leathered look that can make getting anything accomplished a challenge. My office is light and bright with soft pieces. Masculine pieces are mixed in with soft edges, giving way to a very gender-neutral work environment. A room that has all these components makes spending time there desired instead of dreaded.

I choose the Lado desk because of its material. The glass and see-through sawhorse legs make it feel like it is almost floating in the room. This placement has allowed the room to give off a larger feel. The Ancia bookcase compensates for the lack of storage in the desk and contains space to show accolades, books, and personal items. It's the best of both worlds.

The Brooks chair is the most masculine piece in the office. It provides additional seating for guests and a more comfortable place to retreat when you are finished with work and simply taking in the view.

The beauty of this space is that it can work for any professional and every member of the family. It can serve as the perfect office as much as a study room of quiet reading getaway.

The moment they walk into the space they are happy and at peace, and it leaves them wanting that feeling throughout their entire home.