Small Lounge with Big Personality

Sarah Says...

The monochromatic color palette and repetitive use of similar finishes tie this space together and unifies the traditional elements with the contemporary elements in this design. Even though the pieces may represent different decorating styles, this room as a whole comes together to create a unique, dramatic, design that speaks to just about anyone.

This room is a great combination of casual, traditional style and elevated, contemporary style. It features elements that are both timeless and relevant in today's design world. The bold accent wall plays a big role in this small space, providing a ton of personality and creating a dramatic backdrop for all of the gorgeous furnishings.

The inspiration behind this room design was the countless number of clients I have that happen to have a floorplan that includes a separate “formal dining room” that just never gets used. I was inspired by these clients and came up with this design as an alternate way to utilize that space.

The Rug- I fell in love with the updated version of the traditional floral motif featured in this piece. This rug is bold and eye-catching, yet it has a comfortable traditional vibe that keeps the space feeling warm and welcoming. It’s monochromatic color palette set the tone for the other elements I included in this design.

The Smith + Noble Drapery- These dark Smith + Noble drapery panels are very dramatic and allow this room to be cloaked in darkness and then illuminated in soft accent lighting provided by the large over-scaled lamps featured in the space.

The Bar Cart- This antiqued brass bar cart is a fantastic accessory in this space. The gorgeous aged finish adds just the right about of bling. It will provide plenty of space for your libations and will make your guests feel right at home.

The Chandelier- This light fixture provides a great place for the eye to rest upon entering this room. It anchors the space and offers ambient overhead lighting as well. I love the open construction of this piece, it offers a ton of personality without overwhelming this small room.

The Chairs- I’m a traditional girl at heart, so these spindle style chairs spoke directly to my soul. However, I am also young and appreciate the updated take on this timeless chair design. The crisp contrast of the dark wood with the light upholstery offers a little drama that fits right in with the more contemporary elements in the space like the brass cocktail tables.

Cocktail Tables- Every room needs a good conversation starter…these cocktail tables will be front and center and make a big statement in this space.

This room is perfect for anyone who loves to entertain or who just enjoys mixing a good drink and would like a cool place to enjoy it.

This is a great space for decompressing at the end of a long day. This room is the perfect place to kick back, relax, pour a drink and have some great conversation with a close friend, or to simply turn on some tunes and enjoy alone time after a busy week.