The Creative's Contemporary Space

Keia Says...

I've learned that creatives almost often times switch their spaces around or shift their home into a feng shui that works best for their creativity. Couples or young professionals who want a minimal, taste-forward place, don't want the pieces to find permanence in the space. I was inspired to create a space that meets at a happy medium for someone who likes prefers alternating pieces and moving them in and out.

This room is perfect for the young professional who likes to spend their free time home on the sofa, with a little Drake, a few friends and martinis. This space could also be for the more experienced couple who want to fill their space with heirlooms and pieces they've picked up along their travels in their life.

"I don't care what the room says, as long as it says something."

-Keia McSwain

This space doubles as a creative space where one can spend time entertaining, painting, or meditating. With its fresh walls and light sofa, it enables the space to be extremely transitional. With the switch of a few accessories and rug, we have a totally different space.

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The Gent sofa has a sturdy build, a sexy frame, and a light color. It's perfect for the creative's wandering eye! The Marble Black Round Bowl and the Circular Candle Holder were chosen because I always try to implement an earthiness and richness into the design. What better way than marble? The Cady Chandelier was the perfect way to illuminate this space. It can quadruple as a modern, contemporary, rustic, and mid-century mod, thus giving me more room to play with in regards to the room's style.

I'd like to suggest that I want someone to feel warmth or all the "cozy feels" when they're here, but that wouldn't be entirely true. I want people to feel something... I don't care what it is.