The Eclectic's Vintage-Inspired Lounge

Kate Says...

This room visits so many time periods - from the 1980s art deco bookends to the sleek mid-century lines of the sofa and armchair, yet every piece is brought together by a complementary, yet bold color palette. The nods to post-expressionism seen in the graphic art and smaller decorative details are balanced by the organic touches found in the jute rug and wicker light fixture, making the space visually stimulating while still inviting.

I wanted to create a space that evoked conversation. The pieces in the room are all eye-catching, yet they work together to tell a story, much like a Keith Haring print or a Matisse painting.

In any space I design, I always start with an item that inspires me, and build the space from there. For this space, that piece was the Jon Koping Sofa in orange. It had such sophisticated lines, yet the burnt orange color kept it modern and fun. I wanted to build on that color story, so I brought the Figuras Canvas in to offer a small pop of the orange, while allowing enough differentiation to be able to play off of the other colors in the work. The last items added to the space were the Dolman Jute Braided Rug and the Acerra Wicker Pendant Light, which were intended to offer an earthy balance to the bold elements in the space.

I envision a young family in this room. It's modern and sophisticated enough for a cocktail party with friends, yet colorful and playful enough for an imagination-provoking playdate. The Magnolia Nesting Tables are versatile and could be moved for extra playspace on the floor - or spread out to host a charcuterie board for adult guests.

I want this room to be a mood-lifter and a source of inspiration. We are all inspired by our surroundings, so it's important that we always feel inspired by the spaces we spend the most time in: the rooms in our homes.