Timeless Mid-Century Modern Living

Cara Says...

This living room space is for those who appreciate the finer details and like things neat, tidy and to the point. It is sophisticated enough to host any type of party, yet acts as a cozy family space due to the natural materials seen throughout.

The design and furnishings have been inspired by the mid-century modern era. It was a time where sleek, clean lines came together with beautiful craftsmanship and natural materials. Furniture was carefully considered and appreciated for its beautiful form, function, and details.

This room allows the design to speak for itself through vast natural lighting, crisp clean lines, and simple furnishings. It is not trying to hide anything or be something it's not. Wooden features are seen throughout and have been left au natural to allow us to appreciate where they came from. As a finishing touch, plants bask in the endless natural light and work together with the wooden elements to blur the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors making you feel right at home.

Each piece of furniture in this room is beautiful enough to be a statement piece, yet simple enough that it does not scream to be noticed. The neutral colours, pops of brass, and clean lines of every piece work together to read as one coherent design.

This room is meant to clear peoples minds through its natural and simple aesthetic and allow them to sit back and appreciate the finer things in life.