Utilitarian Craftsman

Zack Says...

This room needs to be a lot of things for a lot of people. It provides room to socialize, lounge, read books and watch tv. Yet it also provides extra space for dining, sleeping, office work while storing critical items that make it all happen. Clean craftsman trim, high ceiling, and an open layout help to keep this frequently utilized room from becoming too busy.

Anytime I can help a family increase the usability of their space, it generates value to their lives and it is an extremely rewarding process for me. However, as humans, one of our greatest challenges in the next century will be to find smart ways to maximize the value of all our resources. If the world can provide better function in a smaller space, more people can live happy lives in smaller homes, requiring fewer resources to construct and less fuel to heat and cool. I believe that my work is an extension of a larger conservative movement in design, that is increasingly aware of the significant impact that our homes have on our overall environmental footprint. My inspiration for this room comes from a deep belief in the positive contributions tiny house and basically high functioning small homes can have for a future society.

All of these products that have the ability to perform more than one function and are items that I can see being useful small spaces.

Tiny Home design is all about utilizing the vertical space. Storing things up high can be a great way to do this but it can be tricky to build floating storage and harder to keep shelves up high from becoming cluttered. These simple storage cabinets are affordable, easy to install and have a clean design that deflects attention and clutter.

This couch is a great example of how sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. With its long seamless seat cushion, this couch works equally well for sitting or laying and when you remove the back cushions it makes a fine place for a guest to sleep.

I chose this green rocker to show that not everything in a tiny home needs to be pure function. Somethings can just be fun and that alone is bringing another purpose into the space. I really like the wooden rocker rails because in addition to it being an obvious custom accent, wood is much softer material than steel or other inorganic options and won't scar the floor surface. A nice touch.

To me, televisions are usually a bit of an eyesore. Having a clearly designated space for the television can make it seem intentionally included. Extra storage around the television ensures that wires and other electronics don't contribute to overall clutter.

This room is perfect for anyone who has a lot of needs for their space yet also values a calming energy in their home.

I like everyone to feel that all their needs are being met and although the space may be small, they are not sacrificing important elements for their happiness. After that, I just want the homeowner to be proud of their home and for the project to have been within their financial capability.