Coastal Comfort Living Room

Monique Says…

This room represents luxury, meets coastal family comfort. The warm colors of fall mixed with calming coastal creams and blues create a space that is welcoming and functional. The room has a mixture of textures, colors, and patterns to create a multi-dimensional look and feel. And while it gives off a posh vibe, it’s conducive to a family with the large sectional, and accent pieces to make everyday living comfortable yet stylish.

I wanted to create a room that brings in the caribbean feel, on the water, while still being a space that is conducive for everyday living. Oftentimes we think that we can only have a beautiful, luxurious space if everything is white, and feel stuffy and untouchable. This room begs to differ. You can have a beautiful space that’s comfortable, functional, and feels good to the soul.

Coastal Comfort Living Room

Sectionals are great for single professionals that entertain or have family over a lot, as well as it’s a great choice for families, needing to have ample seating space. So I chose the Empress 3 Piece sectional to support these needs. The accent chair (Skylar chair), I chose because of its unique design and character it has with the exposed wood frame. I believe in having 1-2 unique stable pieces in a room, that will provoke conversation and a wow factor. This chair does just that. Lastly the Alycia Nesting tables are one of my favorite style tables. Mainly because they are compact, but can serve as two tables in one. You can move them around, and use them as needed. Multi-functional pieces are always a win, win.

This room is perfect for the busy working professional/couple who wants to come home to a beautiful, serene, functional space to relax, entertain family and friends, or simply enjoy their living space while doing their favorite thing like catching up on work, watching their favorite shows, or reading a book.

I want people to feel like they are at home, in their quiet space, filled with comfort, style, and function.