Drew and Jonathan Scott's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Practical Work from Homers

We’re all familiar with the huge shift seen in creating a practical and comfortable home office. More than ever, friends and family are making sure they have better desks, laptop stands, comfortable desk chairs, good lighting and multi-functional furniture.

Our 2021 holiday gift guide has something for everyone on your nice list. Here you'll find unique presents and thoughtful ideas for all of the people in your life: surprise your practical mother, eccentric best friend, fancy aunt, and everyone in between without the guesswork.


Help your WFH friend cruise through their daily tasks with a calibrated office chair. Featuring height-adjustable armrests, a breathable mesh back with passive lumbar support, dense foam padded waterfall seat covered in mesh, a full 360-degree swivel, and five dual-wheel casters for natural movement over either carpeted or hardwood surfaces - this is the ultimate gift to boost your loved one's productivity without compromising on comfort.

Office Chair

There's nothing more stressful than a messy desk, and this desk organizer is the perfect gift to help your loved one get back on track with ease. Featuring an antique gold finish and five spacious compartments, this eclectic desktop organizer is a charming addition to any home office.


As mentioned above, one of the most challenging tasks of working from home is staying organized. This fun, yet functional office desk stores and organizes personal items while keeping projects in order. Featuring a boxy high-gloss veneer top, a sleek polished steel base, and non-marking foot pads, your loved one will soar through work with a piece perfect for modern and contemporary workspaces... what's a better gift than that?

Adjacent Desk

This season, we're out with the old clunky desk lamps, and in with the streamlined modern lamps! Featuring a sleek and sophisticated look, this piece is a terrific addition to a home office with a desk that has minimal space.

Desk Lamp

Lighting a candle is always a good way to relieve stress, but this fresh and sparkling scent will help your WFH friend come alive and kick-start their morning with a simple combination of lemon and ginger. This candle pairs a zesty lemon fragrance with the spicy notes of the ginger root, creating the perfect scent to fill your home office with energy and liven up the air.


On the topic of livening up your loved one's work life, try this fun self-adhesive Scott Living wallpaper - one that will energize their home office and stimulate conversation. Are those the sound-waves of your latest brilliant idea, straight from your mouth to the world’s ears? There’s only one way to find out.

SL Wallpaper