Scott Living Favorites

Every space Jonathan and Drew Scott create (and they have created thousands!) teaches them something new. Their trade knowledge comes from real life experiences, from making mistakes and from hearing real people’s wants and needs. Scott Living encapsulates all of these findings into one line that is perfect for every family and every home.

Casaza: What piece is your favorite?
Jonathan Scott: I absolutely love our mid-century modern warm brown cabinet. It’s sophisticated, it’s elegant, and when you see it in a friend’s home you recognize that it’s somebody who knows how to entertain.

Drew Scott: I’m a big fan of our Davenport kitchen cart. You can never have enough prep space, but you can also never have enough style. Even with a modern kitchen, this little pop of classic charm is with functional and beautiful.

The comment we hear the most is people can’t believe they’re getting something this beautiful or this well-built for the price. We make sure that no matter what the item, there’s value for style and a perfect solution for home. —Drew

C: How have you used the Scott Living line on T.V.?
JS: We regularly have Scott living products mixed into all of our T.V. shows and our designer friends also include them on their shows. We also are the only brand that guarantees if you take a picture of your Scott Living purchase and posted on social media using #ScottLiving, we will like or comment. We love seeing how people make Scott Living a part of their home.

C: What piece was a surprise favorite?
DS: Sometimes when you make a piece in a very specific style, you never know if it will be mainstream. When we introduced our transitional gray ottoman, it seemed like a simple solution but people really went crazy for it. It’s the hidden storage that won people over.
Our live edge tables have been absolutely a huge hit. Everybody loves the thick, chunky, throwback to nature. —Jonathan

C: What’s is the perfect housewarming gift?
JS: I always want to think of something that a new homeowner likely hasn’t focused on yet, so I avoid any of the usual suspects like seating and tables. I like to go for something with a little more of a personal touch to display memories like the Deponte Bookcase or the Bourbon Sofa Table.