5 Easy Tips To Create A Rustic Farmhouse

Louis Says...

The inspiration (for this design) centered around this beautiful tufted loveseat that was handed down to the client by her grandparents, and she had wanted it to be the focus of the room so we worked the entire space (around it). We chose the color palette and everything to center around the tufted loveseat to make it the feature and star of the room.

Here are five tips to get this look in your space:

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Add a little leather

Add a touch of leather. We added a little bit of leather with the two armchairs in the main great room and we found that by having the leather and also by having an upholstered sofa, we were able to add that bit of warmth and coziness without going overboard and making it seem dated.

Design by Louis Duncan-He Designs

A fierce focal

When you have a great room with a very large ceiling, you want to make sure that you have one focal point that grounds the space. We chose a chandelier that was quite rustic in tone in order to bring something into that overall space without overwhelming the room.

Tertiary colours

A tertiary colour is achieved when you mix a primary colour with a secondary colour. Primary colours are colours like red, yellow, and blue. Secondary colours are when we mix primary colours together, so we get green, orange, and purple. A tertiary colour is when we mix a primary colour with a secondary colour, and as a result, the colours tend to be a little more muted, subtle, and elegant. This is where colours like turquoise, violet, lime, and orangey yellows that are a little bit softer come into play.

Sitting room Design by Louis Duncan-He Designs
Design by Louis Duncan-He Designs

Mix your woods

Mix and match your woods. It's an old line of thought that all woods have to match, but actually, it's the opposite. By mixing woods, you're making your space more natural and accessible.

Wood living room Design by Louis Duncan-He Designs
Design by Louis Duncan-He Designs

Be brave and bold

Be bold with the accent colour that you choose. We chose a gorgeous turquoise in the nook, but we made sure we carried that over by bringing in some of those colours in the drapes that frame the great room.

Sitting area Design by Louis Duncan-He Designs
Design by Louis Duncan-He Designs