Biophilic Design Made Easy

Rose Says...

Biophilia is the intrinsic human biological need to connect with nature and life forces. Designing with elements found in nature has significant health benefits and can contribute to well-being, happiness, greater productivity, improved concentration and faster healing.

Mental well-being is a current topic of conversation, and biophilic design continues to be studied to foster happiness and health, as well as a countermeasure to stress. Stylized imitation of nature in our interiors can counteract anxiety and a myriad of health issues.

Using items in the home that evoke these responses creates a positive emotional reaction and can enrich the human experience. There has been a drastic, measured quality of life improvement in homes, schools, business settings and hospitals using biophilia as a design approach.

Sounds wonderful, right but how exactly do we do that?

Go green, everywhere

Experts in biophilia support the benefits of using plants, both faux and real, to contribute to the reduction in stress and improve productivity at home and in the workplace. People without natural light are not sacrificing style by using faux plants,  trees and art with nature as the subject matter. Incorporating greenery in the workplace with a simple plant, real or faux on a desk, scattered throughout or areas with trees has been shown to increase productivity and workers have expressed greater satisfaction in their jobs. Large green walls are trending in both residential and commercial settings and add an organic, dramatic focal point.

Sensory-driven shopping

Surround yourself with sensory-driven comfort furniture and decor like soft, textured rugs, pillows and throw blankets to counter the stress of urbanization’s rigid architecture. Studies have shown that feelings of well-being by looking at art with images of nature has proven to be almost as beneficial as being in the actual natural environment.

Natural elements

Utilizing natural elements like geodes, used in bowls and glasses creates a physical and emotional affiliation to the object. Anything that is or appears to be hand-made, such as artisanal ceramic bases and galvanized metal work can produce an emotional response due to our primitive hardwiring to seek nature. Simply using curved, non-linear materials like warped and texture driven glass in our accessories creates visual pleasure. Think about it – nothing in nature is really hard-lined.

Final thoughts

Gone are the days of thoughtlessly purchasing items to just fill our space. Each piece mindfully selected, especially biophilic can help us create spaces that promote well-being, happiness, and greater life experience.

Biophilic Design Made Easy