Create A Space That's Uniquely Yours

Amber Says...

Every home should reflect the family that lives it. It should speak to your personalities and be a unique space that is also fun, sophisticated, and timeless. Check out these tips on how to create the space that is personalized, classic, and styled specifically for you and your family.

Mix time periods and styles

Take elements from your favorite design periods and style. Have a modern home? Add old world touches like a tapestry for your wall or traditional armchairs for the ends of your modern dining table, or even antique rugs to anchor your sleek furniture groups. Sometimes an ornate, brass chandeliers over a shiny lacquered dining table provides that old world wow factor.

Living room designed by L.A. designer Amber Williams of Amber Nicole Interiors
Design by Amber Nicole Interiors

Avoid matchy-matchy

One of the best ways to create a unique space is to avoid furniture sets. Although it is tempting to pick your whole bedroom set out of a catalog and be done, your neighbor could have the same exact setup. Instead, pick each piece separately. Start with the largest piece of the room like a sofa or bed, then build around it, adding each piece from different sources and different finishes. If you are doing a bedroom, pick a bed with a fabric headboard, a leather bench at the foot of the bed, painted wood nightstands, and a wood stained dresser. The different materials and color tones will instantly create a space that is all your own and like no other.

It’s all in the art

Art is the absolute best way add a personal flair to your home. Try online searching for unique items or go to your local farmers or flea market to find one-of-a-kind pieces. The best thing about art is that you don't have to be so concerned about it “matching” the style of your home. Art should speak to you, as long as the frames coordinate, the subjects can be what feels good to you. Another unique, yet bold idea is to make your walls a canvas. Paint a mural on a whole wall or walls. Use all neutral tones and a watercolor style so that it does not get too busy, and pick a landscape or subject that has meaning like a beach scene from your honeymoon years ago.

Office lobby designed by L.A. designer Amber Williams of Amber Nicole Interiors
Design by Amber Nicole Interiors

Think outside the use

Finally, some ways to add originality is to repurpose some of your favorite things. Take old mason jars and turn them into glass shades for pendant lights over your kitchen island. Have an old rug that’s just about time to get rid of but don’t have the heart to trash it? Take it to a local reupholster and make an ottoman or throw pillows for your space. It becomes a conversation piece, saves you money on fabric, and is a great eco-friendly solution. Best of all, no one else will have it!

Final thoughts

When thinking about your home, first take into consideration how you really use the space and how you’d like to, then layer in small elements like rugs, art, and accessories that complement your personal flair. Find your favorite one-of-a-kind product. Repurposing old textiles and blending two styles ensures that your home is beautiful and uniquely yours.

Bedroom designed by L.A. designer Amber Williams of Amber Nicole Interiors
Design by Amber Nicole Interiors
Create A Space That's Uniquely Yours