Decade-Inspired Design Done Right

Carter Says...

I love the '70’s bohemian vibe. It was a time of renewed environmentalism because of the recession, so earth tones and campy colors were all the rage. That said, hands down, my least favorite decade for design is the '80’s. Art-deco, lacquered furniture, foiled wallpaper, gold trim with a techno twist... Ugh! That may have been that last decade of true creativity, but I still have trouble with it.

My favorite decade for design is NOW! Design is always evolving and it’s so fun to see how it unfolds. More influence is being put on materials again, as a carpenter, I love this. It’s fun to think of what new trend is going to come next and knock us off our feet.

What trend from another time do you think is coming back and how can readers incorporate that into their homes?
I love seeing the environmental approach. When people fulfill their creative juices from outdoor inspiration and also use a smaller footprint, that makes me happy.

If you're inspired by design from a specific era, how can you incorporate that into your home?
Balance is the key. If you want to add anything from any era, keep in mind the word balance. I personally think that too much of anything is indulgent, and design is the same. You can feel the energy of a heavy room with too many accessories and oversized furniture.

It’s the same with bringing in your favorite decade. Try to balance or offset some decade inspired pieces with newer more contemporary pieces that work/play well with the specific items.

…How can you stop yourself from going overboard?
Have a plan of attack. Try to visualize the room first before you start to procure your items. Inevitably you won’t be able to visualize the entire room but this is a good start to understand what you want for the space. This way you don't start to purchase items that eventually get forced into a space or thrown out.

You seemed like you had a lot of fun with the design in TLC's Trading Spaces '70's episode. How would you suggest readers reenact your groovy DIY savvy with the decade of their choice?
Try to grow a mustache!!

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