Design A Transitional Nursery

Brenda Says…

When it comes to decorating a nursery, it's important to have an idea of whether you want a nursery that your baby can grow into, or one that may be changed as the baby grows. Before deciding, just keep in mind that babies grow into toddlers quite quickly. So if you don't plan on spending money on something you’ll have to change in a couple of years then keep reading.

Choose a design

First, you want to brainstorm a design for the nursery, and select a colour scheme. Think about the phases ahead and how you can ensure the room will grow with your child. Also remember that the space is for you and your baby, and you'll be spending time in there so make sure you can enjoy the space as well.

Design by BD Interior Design

Next, select furniture in neutral colours; you can add a pop of colour using decorative accents (picture frame, decorative pillows, and artwork). A neutral foundation and bold decorative accents is the biggest secret to a transitional room. After all, it's easier to change pillows and accessories than repainting a wall and buying new furniture because you and your baby have outgrown it.

Don't forget the essentials

Below are all the essentials for your nursery:

  • The Crib: Buying a convertible crib will save you money in the long run and ensure baby’s bedroom set matches throughout childhood.
  • The Glider/Rocker: Stick with a simple, classy design that’s comfortable. Matching the ottoman with the glider is optional, you can always opt for an inexpensive stool instead of an ottoman.
  • The Dresser or Chest: You’ll be putting away a LOT of laundry, so test out the drawers and make sure they slide easily.
  • Mattress: No, the crib doesn’t come with one (bummer!).
  • Crib Sheets + Mattress Pad: Make your life easier and not only get a waterproof mattress pad, but also a mattress cover that can snap off easily to save your knuckles during crib sheet changes.
Design by BD Interior Design

Dress it up with decor

Now that you have all of your essentials, let’s talk more about decor. Adding a rug is fantastic for keeping your child on a nice soft surface, especially if your room is not carpeted. Also if your child is learning to walk and taking their first steps you can rest assured they'll have a soft landing. Also, adding a throw blanket is a great addition to help mommy cozy up for those long shifts of nursing. Darkening curtains can make a huge difference in helping baby take naps or go to sleep when it’s still light outside during the summer. You may also hang up artwork or do it yourself with wall appliques. Baskets are also great for storage solutions. 

Final thoughts

If you're still unsure of how to pull together the ideal look for your baby then getting help from a professional can be helpful so you can focus on other things while your ideal nursery is decorated by a professional.

Design by BD Interior Design