Design A Space Using Color

Rachel Says...

Incorporating color into my clients' homes is what I'm best known for. When it comes to designing a space using color, the possibilities are endless. That’s a great thing if you’re a designer but for most homeowners, it can trigger feelings of overwhelm. Step into the home of an abstract artists to see how we infused color throughout her space and use these tips to infuse your space with color.

Incorporate colorful wall art

In this project, I was so fortunate to have my client’s original artwork to work with! It was the jumping off point for this entire project. Wall art that is unique to your signature style really elevates a room and is a fabulous way to bring color into your space. I love abstract art because of the bold strokes of colors, patterns and shapes.

Design by Rachel Moriarty Interiors

Add in colorful accent chairs

Jewel tones are back! I was so happy to see jewel tones in the showrooms during my recent buying trips to the various furniture trade markets. In this space, I added three jewel toned swivel chairs. If you really want to take a risk with color, accent chairs are the perfect place to flex your color muscles.

Anchor the space with a colorful area rug

I found this gorgeous colorful rug while I was on a buying trip at High Point Market (in High Point, NC., the furniture capital). This area rug helped pull all of the colorful elements of this space together.

Add a little flavor with mustard yellow

Design by Rachel Moriarty Interiors

We added a massive piece of mustard yellow wall art to this living room and it adds so much great energy to the space. Don't forget that you can add touches of yellow throughout the space by using fresh flowers.

Flex some pillow power

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, pillows have the magical mystical powers. In this project, we incorporated my client’s existing leather sectional sofa but added a mix of new colorful pillows in various patterns and texture to update it.

Freshen up with a dose of white

I know that this is a post about color but I would be remiss to not mention that when you are using a lot of bold color in a space, white accents become very bold graphic elements contrasted against a colorful wall or wall art. White modernizes and refreshes, so we up-cycled existing vases by stacking them on wood blocks then painted them with matte white paint and modern created sculptural art pieces.

Design by Rachel Moriarty Interiors

Bring in iconic blues

To me the color blue is a neutral. If you want to dip your toe into the "decorating with color" water, I would suggest that you begin with blue. It's a very grounding color. I try to add a touch of blue to every project I work on.

Use dramatic statement hardware

I added large scale statement hardware to the modern built-ins that flank the fireplace. These added a touch of color with the green patina in the brass as well as the semi precious blue lapis stone.

Design by Rachel Moriarty Interiors

Fresh flowers in vibrant colors

I know it may seem like a no-brainer but fresh flowers are the quickest no-risk way to add a pop of color to any space. I've always loved the saturated colors and graphic nature of tulips.

If you are stepping out of your comfort zone by adding color to home then I suggest implementing a couple of the tips I’ve shared here. Notice that all of these ideas are for the accent pieces in your room. Start with key accessories like pillows, throws and flowers. Things that can easily be switched out or added onto as you get more comfortable using color.