Design Your Home To Keep Your New Year's Resolution

Sarah Says...

Most of us enter into the new year with a resolution list or set of goals. Whether it’s to be healthier, more organized, save money, or meet a professional goal, we approach the new year with a fresh perspective and a positive, go-getter, attitude. This can be a great time to make changes in the home. Applying your “New Year, New Attitude” motivation and positive energy towards the look, feel and function of your home can positively change your environment, which ultimately improves your daily life. Let's get you ready to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself on your New Year resolution list.

Design by The Yellow Cape Cod | Like this look? Get inspired by her room.

Create a fresh start

If you are planning on making changes in your life this year, creating a clean slate and fresh start feel inside your home is a great first step.

Organizing and decluttering your main living areas is an empowering task. It’s much easier to stay focused on your goals when you feel in control and you aren't distracted by a messy space. Once you’ve cleaned, organized and decluttered, you may want to take it a step further and give some areas in your home an energizing new look. Singular changes like a new area rug, a fresh wall color, a new furniture arrangement or adding an inspiring piece of art can dramatically change the overall feel of a space. Small tweaks can give your home a fresh look to help keep your “New Year, New Attitude” motivation going.

Support your goal of being healthier

If one of your goals this year is to be healthier, changes in the home could help to keep you on track. A quick kitchen refresh can make your time spent in the space more enjoyable. It doesn't have to be a complete remodel, or a big project. Something as simple as painting your island a pretty color to motivate you during your meal preps, or organizing your pantry to make your healthy snacks more enticing and accessible can be simple tasks with big benefits.

Creating a calming bedroom is a great way to approach your goal of getting more rest. New bedding including a fresh set of sheets will beckon you to get that sleep needed to meet your health goals. Painting your bedroom in a soothing hue can also help to eliminate stress from the day and ease you into a restful state.

Design by The Yellow Cape Cod | Like this look? Get inspired by her room.

Save more, spend less

If you are heading into the New Year with room makeover plans on the horizon, a resolution of saving more and spending less doesn't have to put a damper on them. For instance, one of the most powerful trends this year in the design world happens to be one of the most economical to achieve. Deep, moody-hued rooms are becoming all the rage. Whether you apply a saturated, dramatic hue to the walls or you refinish a piece of furniture for a bold new look, paint can be your budget-saving friend this year.

Design by The Yellow Cape Cod | Like this look? Get inspired by her room.

Statement furniture pieces are also a big trend right now. This makes it easier than ever to create a gorgeous space while sticking to your project allowance. One fantastic piece can set the tone for an entire space, making all the other elements a supporting feature. Budget-friendly items can be combined with higher quality pieces without compromising the overall design. For example, investing in a fantastic, attention-grabbing dining table creates an instant focal point that draws the eye directly to that piece. Economical area rugs, lighting, and simple upholstered dining chairs could all be introduced without distracting from the drama of the investment piece.

Reach your professional goals

Reaching a professional goal is on the top of my resolution list this year. To get started, I’ve decided to resolve a few issues and finish a couple of unfinished projects at home so I can go into the New Year concentrating more on my professional goals and less on my at home to-do list. For instance, I’ve hired a crew of movers to come in and rearrange some furniture that I’ve in control to move around. Usually, this is something I would do myself. With my new work goals in mind, it’s better for me to hire it out and have it done in one quick hour than it is for me to stress about rounding up volunteers and setting time aside for this task.

I’ve also decided to start the New Year with a more comfortable home office space. I’m making my work area feel cozy with a comfortable new office chair, an inspiring piece of art and soothing elements such as candles and music. With these small changes, I’ll be feeling more “at home” while at work, making it easier to spend extra time there this year.

Final thoughts

Our home is where we start and end most of our days. Whatever goals we set for ourselves this year, it’s important to consider the role that our home plays in our daily life. At the end of the day, I truly feel, “He who is happiest, is he who finds peace in his home.”