Trending Today, Gone Tomorrow

At 18-years-old, Jonathan and Drew Scott were buying and flipping homes, and by their mid-20s they had a thriving real estate, design, and renovation business and had worked with hundreds of clients. As one-half of Property Brothers and a licensed real estate agent, Drew has seen some beautiful and not-so-beautiful trends. He shares his tips for utilizing trends without continuously changing your space.

Why should I update my home to stay on trend?
These days being stylish and on trend in your home doesn’t have to cost a lot! Having a home that expresses your personal style brings a great pride.

What’s the difference between keeping my home up-to-date versus following fads?
Fads come and go but you want your home to feel fresh and up-to-date for years to come. Be careful about spending too much on the big-ticket items in your home. This could be large furniture pieces or products like countertops and flooring. The bolder you go, the faster it will go out of style. Change up the look seasonally by swapping out less expensive items like pillows, throws and decor. Trust me — a little can go a long way to keep your home up to date.

What’s a trend I can implement in my space without worrying that it will look dated in a few years?
Incorporating a couple of vintage pieces through your space is always a smart move. Surprisingly, even more modern designs can pop with rustic pieces incorporated. This could be a patina sideboard, a vintage clock, or even a schoolhouse lamp.

What’s an economical trend I can implement without breaking the bank?
Reclaimed wood walls can be a stunning feature for a room. You don’t need to source leftover material from old barns when you have products like Stikwood. This project has adhesive on the back, so you peel and stick, and you can finish an entire wall in an hour. Quick and painless!
“I feel Jonathan is to blame for a new trend in design.”

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How can accent pieces help me stay on-trend without having to update an entire room?

When we are designing a space, we will always choose accent pieces that will complement the color scheme and overall feel of the room. The whole purpose of accent pieces is to accentuate the aesthetic of the room. Since these pieces are easily swapped out they can always bring a fresh and updated feel to a space, while saving you the cost of having to completely overhaul your look.

What’s your favorite design trend?
I love banquette seating at a kitchen table. This is an old function that has been brought back into style. Not only can it add great character to a kitchen, but it also adds function with additional storage and more seating space.

What’s your least favorite design trend?
Some interior wicker furniture simply doesn’t suit a home space. I find a large majority of these items feel more suited for outdoor patio spaces and don’t have the warmth or style a home deserves.

What’s a design trend that never goes out of style?
Kitchen countertops with a waterfall feature on both sides will always be a stunning statement. This is the kind of feature that draws your eye from across the room.

Do you have any funny anecdotes about a trend you’ve implemented that became outdated?
I feel Jonathan is to blame for a new trend in design. His plaid shirts have inspired many homeowners to incorporate that pattern on their walls! ?