Incorporate Music In Your Design

Alvaro Says...

Music is an art that brings passionate soul to the body. Rhythm fills the mind with sensation, allowing us to be ourselves. Making music a part of your living space can greatly enhance your daily life. If you love music as much as I do, you’ll probably want it to be the main focus in your living space. Here are a few quick tips to incorporate music in your home's design.

Incorporate instruments

Instruments are an easy place to start when you want to add music to your design. You can make the instrument the focal point of the room by placing it front-and-center and design around it, or you can use it as an accessory by hanging it or propping it against a wall.

Design by Forbes + Masters

Consider having a theme based on the genre of music you listen to. If you love classical music, incorporate a piano or acoustic guitar. Rock fans, frame and hang drum sticks. If you're a blues fan, take cues from Forbes + Masters' Karaoke lounge with the microphone, blue paint, and show art.

Add album art

Don't stop there! Frame album artwork or concert posters of your favorite band or musician. I also love vinyl records and love to use them as wall decor. Place them above a record player as a way to display the various form of music you enjoy. The artwork on the covers can add texture and flavor to your design. Waves, curves, or zig zags in your design are a unique way to display rhythm throughout the space.

Depending on your style of music, the color you may want to use will be very important. If you enjoy pop music, go for brighter palettes, while classical music fans can opt for more neutral palettes.

If you don't want to use your vinyl as wall art, store them in a glass display case or glass tabletop to show off your collection.

Album art
Image courtesy of Sayeh Pezeshki

Don’t sweat it, keep it subtle

If you don't want to commit to designing the whole room around your musical interests, you might just want something subtle as an ode to your love. Don’t stress; something simple can also go a long way. Add a piece of artwork to showcase your love for music. If you own an instrument, buy a stand for your instrument so it can be displayed rather than stored away under your bed or basement... Trust me, you'll even practice more!

The finishing touches

This is where the fun starts! If you have a favorite lyric from a song, use it. You can paint them on to the wall, use decorative letters, or frame the lyrics or sheet music.

A decent sound-system is key to the perfect music-inspired space. You'll want to enjoy your tunes in your new auditory oasis, and quality is key here. Additionally, as someone interested in the tech side of music, I encourage clients to incorporate smart lights that can synchronize with the music.

Final thoughts

Sit back and think about what you enjoy the most from your music and take it from there. It should be a space where you can connect with your music and enjoy it to the fullest. Make it yours and enjoy it!