Incorporate Plants In Your Space

Cara Says...

Incorporating plants into your design has numerous benefits. They clean the air, clear your mind, bring life to an otherwise static space, and add colour and texture that only nature can produce. There are so many varieties of plants out there that anyone can be successful, even with no experience.

Assess your environment

Greenery Design by Plant Roost
Design by Plant Roost

The key to adding plants is to know your environmental conditions and choose plants that can survive in your space. Plants are living things and have needs just like you and me. The main two elements to assess in your space is light and humidity. Lighting conditions will vary from bright direct sun, indirect sun, and shade. Humidity is a bit tougher to assess but generally, your bathroom will have the highest humidity and areas adjacent to floor registers and ducts will have the lowest.

Choose the right plants

Once you have assessed your environment, it’s time to choose the right plants. Try not to fall in love with a specific plant you want before doing your research; often the most beautiful plants are the hardest to maintain. Choosing species that will survive in your space will allow for easy maintenance and ensure that they thrive. There are unlimited resources out there that provide plant care needs or simply ask the specialists at the store you are purchasing them from for suggestions.

Set your plants up for success

Greenery Design by Plant Roost
Design by Plant Roost

It is absolutely critical to choose the right pots and planters. Beautiful pots are everywhere these days however many of them do not provide drainage and plants can not survive in them. It’s essential that you choose pots that allow access water to drain out of the bottom. If you don’t, the plant will eventually get root rot or other fungi due to sitting in water.

Incorporate into your home

Once you’ve chosen your plants it’s time to incorporate them into your space. Plants look great simply in a beautiful planter near a window or in the corner of a room. If you are low on floor space, a simple shelf on the wall works great and will also allow it to be away from harsh drafts. Trailing plants look great hanging from the ceiling and will draw the eye upwards. There are many living wall products available that are a great option but for beginners may be too much of a commitment to wall space and maintenance. Whatever method you choose, ensure maintenance is easy and enjoyable.

Greenery Design by Plant Roost
Design by Plant Roost

Final tips and tricks

  1. If you find a pot that you love but doesn’t provide drainage, drill a few holes in the bottom and rest it in a plant tray.
  2. Purchase a basic pot and spruce it up by putting it in a basket or wooden crate.
  3. Rotate your plants every now and then so they get an even amount of sun on each side.
  4. Invest in a moisture reader to ensure you don’t overwater.
  5. Do your research if you have kids or pets; some plants are poisonous if consumed.
  6. Add preserved moss art or decor if you'd like greenery that doesn't require maintenance.
  7. Love your plants and they will love you back!
Greenery Design by Plant Roost
Design by Plant Roost