Inject Color In Your Space

Joy Says...

I think in color, I dream in color, and my brain gets inspired by color. Here are a few ways to inject color in your home.

I have an idea of what color I want to start with - now how do I build on that?

When you're starting with color, I like to expand upon a favorite color with analogous color schemes. Analogous colors are those that are right next to each other on the color wheel. If your favorite color is green, you can look at shades of green as well as yellow and blue, which are beside it on the color wheel. So you could mix in green-blues as a way to expand upon your kelly green shade as a way to bring in color but know that those shades aren't too far off track and naturally work together. This is a great way to get your feet wet with bolder colors!

Any color combinations to avoid?

The art student in me would say to avoid colors that are on the complete opposite spectrum of the color wheel; for example orange and blue, green and red, yellow and purple. In color theory, those colors are too far from each other and do not go well together. However, you have certainly seen those combinations elsewhere (hello Christmas and many sports teams colors), but they may not be the best combos when it comes to home decor. You can work with opposite colors if you twist them a bit and make them a bit chic. I love green with magenta (a twist on red and green) or pale peach with a medium blue.

Sitting areas Design by Oh Joy
Design by Oh Joy

What's your favorite unique way to add color to a space?

A bold couch! This is for someone who feels ready to commit to a large piece with color but it's such a statement that your living room will always feel unique and fun because of it!

How can I inject color to an existing room without starting from scratch?

Pillows and smaller accessories are always great places to start. The cost is low and you can test out various colors before redoing a whole room or feeling like you have to buy a lot of stuff.

Living room and bedroom Design by Oh Joy
Design by Oh Joy

How often should I switch up my color palette?

It's not realistic to completely change the palette of any room in your house super often. But if you are someone who likes to freshen things up, I think usually twice a year (usually with change of seasons) is a great time to do it. This is when accent pillows can change, artwork can get swapped out or moved around, and you can use it as a change to bring in a new piece you've had your eye on!

As a color queen, what's your favorite color palette for Summer 2019?

I'm super into citrine, peach, and magenta right now!