Personalize Your Dorm Room From Drab To Fab

Ebony Says...

The process of transitioning from high school to college can be a challenge. Converting your college living quarters into a comfortable space that feels like home can be confusing to navigate when you don't have someone helping you. This is a huge first step to a successful transition into university living.

Our goal with the 2018 Dorm Makeover was to assist, design, and add personal style and flair to a dormitory. We sought to alleviate the burden of furnishing campus decor expenses. I started to mention this opportunity on my social media platforms. If I could reach one person, I would be satisfied. My followers caught wind of the post and started sharing, and I ended up with a dozen applicants.

As I reviewed their stories, there was one young lady who stood out. She was a first-generation student whose family could not relate to the challenges of college, and through her adversities, she managed to maintain a 3.0 GPA. She would be attending North Carolina Central University and it was time to transform her dorm room from drab to FAB!
Transitioning from high school to college can be a challenge, and when you arrive at school in your new dorm, it can be scary.

Shared living quarters, unattractive walls, condensed space, twin size bed, whew… Doesn’t sound fun at all. Converting your college living quarters into a comfortable space can provide the boost of confidence and inspiration you need to start off the year right and successfully transition to university living. Whether you are living in a 800 square foot or 100 square foot dorm room, it’s YOUR space. Have fun, bring in your personality, and consider these five tips when transforming your dorm room from drab to fab:

Try Removal Wallpaper

The “peel and stick” temporary wallpaper is one of my favorite elements to use in a dorm. This wallpaper gives your unattractive walls an instant facelift. This beautiful focal point is a great conversation piece that will have everyone on campus talking about how amazing your space is!

Luxury Bedding is a Must

From florals, to patterns, to metallics, to anything that will make a statement — Go for it! My teenage client’s favorite color was pink, and I couldn’t resist the floral bedding. It made such a huge impact paired with the removal wallpaper, so don’t be scared to think outside the box. Make sure you top off your luxury bedding with fun throw pillows for added glam.

Customized Headboard for Drama

It can be a little depressing when you realize you are sleeping on a twin XL. Don’t let that get your spirits down. Elevate your bed with a customized headboard and sleep like QUEEN. You can purchase these headboards online for a great affordable price, or you could DIY yourself.

Next level tip: Purchase an XL Bed skirt, if your bed sits 12 inches or higher. The bed skirt immediately hides any eye sores (storage bins, refrigerators, etc.) that you may place under your bed. Plus, it gives your bed a completed look.

Gallery Wall for Added Personality

Your dorm room should be a direct reflection of you and your personal style. A gallery wall is always a cool way to express yourself. Hang motivational quotes, pictures of your loved ones, or whatever is unique to you.

Get LIT with lighting

Lighting is on trend this school year and it’s everywhere. String lights are easy to use and can be used in a number of ways. A lightbox is great to curate positive affirmations to get you through the weeks in the semester.

Final Thoughts

The most important step when transforming your dorm room is to make sure it reflects your personal style and personality. When your friends walk through the door, they should see YOU in the dorm room. I hope you consider these 5 easy steps when transforming your dorm room from DRAB TO FAB!