Style Your Home with Nature

Tamara Says...

Whether taking a stroll through a lush park or relaxing on a tropical beach, connecting with nature can enhance your mood and provide stress relief. As our cities become more urban, green spaces have become fewer. Luckily, you can still enjoy exposure to the natural world right in your own home.

Accessorize with Indoor Plants

Indoor plants not only provide natural beauty, but they also purify the air and remove harmful toxins. Potted plants can be used in a range of sizes from small tabletop to large potted floor plants. The larger the plant, the more beautiful lush greenery you’ll get, so don’t be afraid to go big! Two of my favorite plants for lush foliage are white bird of paradise and the fiddle leaf fig. Both have become favorites in home décor, and are loved for their large tropical leaves.

Greenery in a dining room designed by Tamara Archer of T. Archer Design
Design by T. Archer Design

If you live in a small space, hanging plants are a great alternative. Pothos is a fast-growing plant that’s easy to care for and perfect for hanging because of its long trailing stems. Some other low maintenance plants are the peace lily, dracaena and snake plant. To maintain healthy growing plants, make sure that they are placed in areas that provide sufficient sunlight, water and fertilize them as recommended, and avoid drafty areas during the winter months.

Choose Exotic Woods

Unfortunately, not everyone was born with a green thumb and that’s okay. Exotic woods can also add natural beauty to your home by using furnishings with unique wood grain patterns and variations. Some of my favorite statement-making woods used for furniture are mango wood, zebra wood, and burl wood.

For an eye-catching look, a live edge table shows off the natural origin of the wood and adds an organic flair that is totally unique. Dining, coffee and accent tables are available in live edge made from a variety of wood species, with edges that range from subtle to very elaborate. Also, don’t forget to accessorize— instead of decorative glass or ceramic bowls, opt for wooden bowls and fill them with fresh fruits or unique rocks, for a beautiful centerpiece.

Live edge tables in a room designed by Tamara Archer of T. Archer Design
Design by T. Archer Design

Use Nature Photography

Large format photos of beaches, sunsets, exotic trees, and landscapes can transform your home into a serene oasis. For maximum impact, make your nature photography the focal point of the room. Hang it above the sofa, on a fireplace mantel, or centered on the wall in the dining room. Your photography should feel connected to your space, so don’t make the common mistake of hanging it too high. Typically, the bottom of the frame should be 5-10 inches above your furniture.

Final Thoughts

Your home should be an uplifting environment that enhances your quality of life. Creating a serene space by using elements that mimic nature and the outdoors, is a great way to create timeless beauty and harmony in your home.

Living room designed by Tamara Archer of T. Archer Design
Design by T. Archer Design