Ten Modern Farm House Living Tips by Brittany Robertson

When it comes to describing our homes style, it can be hard for me to pick just one. Our home is a true mixture of both modern/mid-century decor and farmhouse furniture. I love the freedom a modern farmhouse gives when it comes to curating a home that perfect suites each individual!

1. Natural Elements 

Warm wood tones that aren’t polished and glossy but a little rough and knotty, go a long way in bringing a farmhouse style to your living room. You could, of course, also add in a barn door or rustic natural beams to the ceiling, but these can be very expensive and not often possible for every floor plan. Furniture is a great place to bring in natural elements as well as decorative objects like a woven tray or wooden risers. 

2. Modern Fabrics

Your furniture, rugs, curtains, and throw pillows and blankets are all going to be made of some type of fabric so when it comes to bringing in a modern vibe to your farmhouse living room look for clean, simple fabrics that aid in taking your rustic farmhouse to a more modern style.

In our living room I paired our rustic farmhouse coffee table and craft table with mid-century faux leather armchairs. These are actually also a true mix of modern & farmhouse because the shape is modern and the arms and legs are rustic. It all blends seamlessly together.

We also went with an oversized, streamlined modern sectional for our living room. We chose a simple shape that looks clean and put together at all times to tie in our modern edge.


3. Don’t forget your walls

Another great way to add in either more farmhouse or more modern style is on your walls. I love incorporating shelving on our walls for a unique, layered look. I stick with clean, simple floating shelves because I prefer the look to a busy wall shelf with intricate corbels underneath. I then layer it with both modern and farmhouse decor like primitive antique brass candlesticks and vintage velvet books. These compliment a round modern mirror and boho accessories perfectly for that curated look.


4. Window Treatments

I often get asked about choosing window treatments for a modern farmhouse. In our livingroom we went with bamboo blinds that are clean and simple but carry the same tone as our primitive coffee table and craft table. I added curtains to our large bay window, and although most modern homes go without curtains I like the coziness the added fabric brings to our living room.


5. Eclectic Elements

I will never tire of the combination of quirky, eclectic touches and clean simple modern lines. I almost always have on hand an array of boho pom-pom fringed pillows, throw blankets with tassels, lots of plants in assorted containers and my most loved home decor item, a brass bunny candle stick that resides over my vintage book finds. Mixing these eclectic touches with stripes, grids, solids and plaids will perfectly compliment the modern farmhouse vibe you’re going for.


6. Flooring

We purchased our home with beautiful schoolhouse light oak floors already intact. However they are not original to the home that was built in the 70’s. If you are in the stages of gutting and renovating your home, I love the timeless look of skinny real hardwood floors finished in a light oak – golden oak color. If your home is already finished and your flooring doesn’t lean farmhouse or modern you can always add in a large rug to emphasize your style.

Geometric rugs are more modern, while the internet is overflowing with inexpensive recreations of traditional rug designs. Either would work in a modern farmhouse, though I lean towards a more modern rug in our living room and a traditional printed rug  in our dining room.


7. Bringing the outside in

Florals and plants are key for creating a modern farmhouse feel in your home. Plants can be bought just about anywhere these days, but you could also head over to your local park or take a walk to your backyard to grab some branches to add to a vase on your coffee table. And of course faux is ok too! There are some amazing options for faux plants and florals that look so similar to the real thing.


8. Keep it balanced

To achieve a more modern farmhouse style make sure to balance any heavy furniture or especially rustic pieces with lighter decor. For instance we have a swing arm, bronze floor lamp that adds lots of light but isn’t too overpowering in the space. I also keep as many elements in light neutrals and almost always gravitate towards most of my room being white with added contrast in our rug, side chairs and some decor. This keeps everything feeling light and fresh and steers your living room away from a more traditional country farmhouse look.


9. Texture texture texture

Texture, when it comes to decorating, is your best friend. Every home that looks designed and not pulled right out of a big box furniture catalogue is curated with lots of texture. Mix and match texture in throw pillows, rugs, blankets, and window treatments, for that designer look in your home.

10. Don’t over do it

The most important thing to keep in mind when implementing a modern farmhouse style in your living room is not to over do it. If you have one or two rustic pieces of furniture keep everything else light and airy. Stick to light neutrals on your walls like classic grey by Benjamin Moore, simply white by Benjamin Moore or Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. Make sure to compliment your rustic pieces with modern mid-century shapes like a modern side chair or lamp. And use fun textures and colors on your throw pillows and decor to make your living room unique to you!

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